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Summer Movement Intensive 2024

Como - Italy

-3rd to 14th June-

Join us at Lake Como, Italy for our 5th annual Ferus Animi // Terra Nova Summer Movement Intensive

produced in collaboration with Inmove System Project


We invite you to the 5th Annual Summer Movement Intensive, held in the outstanding area of natural beauty around Lake Como at the Centro Sportivo Nidrino in Brunate, Northern Italy, run in partnership with Inmove System Project.

Join members of the Ferus Animi // Terra Nova collective and our wider training community for 2 weeks of intensive movement education delivered through our renowned practice-as-research methodologies.

Sign up for our all inclusive package, including 10 days of intensive training, 3 hearty Italian meals a day on training days, and full access to the centre's facilities and campsite* throughout your stay.

*tent not provided, limited number of

tents available for hire upon request




The Intensive runs from
- Monday the 3rd to Friday the 14th of June 2024 -

Please note the following arrival/departure dates for those staying on site:

- Sunday the 2nd June - Arrival & Welcome Dinner -

- Saturday 8th June - Week 1 only Departure Day -
- Sunday 9th June - Week 2 only Arrival Day -

- Saturday 15th June - Leavers Breakfast & Departure -


Please scroll down for full training schedule and prices


The intensive will take place at the scenic Centro Sportivo Nidrino, nestled in the hills of Brunate in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, with expansive views over Lake Como and the Swiss borderlands. 

Equipped with a training Dojo, indoor and outdoor training arenas, communal eating areas, wash facilities and a camping field, the sports centre will be our home for the 2-weeks as we train both indoors and outdoors in the early summer sunshine. 

On weekend days off, participants can explore the outstanding natural beauty of the local area, with hill trails, view points, waterfalls, and swimming spots all within an hour of the centre, alongside quaint eateries a
nd agriturismo restaurants.

Brunate is a 700m trip on a famous Funicular Railway from the historic city of Como (best station Como Lago), which in turn is easily reachable by train transfer from Milan Malpensa or Lugano airports



Ferus Animi // Terra Nova is a world-leading specialist movement collective, who's practice-as-research methodology explores the fields of social anthropology, neuroscience, evolutionary physiology, functional biomechanics, performance psychology and applied philosophy.

Our educational programs aim to develop and disseminate embodied research from the forefront of scientific and philosophical thought in a relevant and accessible way in order to enrich the practices of our students and collaborators.

Inmove System Project's mission statement is to create spaces for sharing, studying and deepening movement skills through multidisciplinary, complementary and integrative proposals and approaches, seeking to re-find resources to express potential in connection with others.


The teaching team for this event is Tom Afiyan-EnglishKim Amankwaa, Cassandre Cantillon, Lewis Cooke, Winston Reynolds & Lia Ujčič.

Full teacher bios
 can be found on our home page by clicking on their respective photos.


Week 1
(Mon - Fri)
- 8am to 09:30am // Breakfast -
- 10am to 11am // Morning Form -
- 11am to 1pm // AM Training -
- 1pm to 3pm // Lunch -
- 3pm to 4pm // Coordinations -
- 4pm to 6pm // PM Training -
- 6:30pm to 8pm // Dinner -
- 8pm to 9pm // Evening Practice (Optional) -

Week 2 
- 7am to 8am // Sunrise Form (Optional) -
- 8am to 09:30am // Breakfast -
- 10am to 1pm // AM Training -
- 1pm to 3pm // Lunch -
- 3pm to 4pm // Coordinations -
- 4pm to 6pm // PM Training -
- 6:30pm to 8pm // Dinner -
- 8pm to 9pm // Evening Practice (Optional) -



 All Inclusive (2 weeks) // €1,62
(10 full days of training // 3x meals on training days // facility and campsite access)

 All Inclusive (1 week) // €950 

(5 full days of training // 3x meals on training days // facility and campsite access)

 Train and Eat (2 weeks) // €1,48

(10 full days of training // 3x meals on training days)
 Train and Eat (1 week) // €875 

(5 full days of training // 3x meals on training days)
 Just Training (2 weeks) // €108
(10 full days of training)

 Just Training (1 week) // €650 
(5 full days of training)

*A limited number of tents are available to hire at a rate of €8 per night, please select the tick box at the time of booking if you are interested*

We are a community-minded collective who strive to make our training accessible and affordable for all, while paying our staff and collaborators fairly for their expertise. If affordability is a sincere barrier to your attendance then please write to us on and we can discuss discounted prices for students on limited means, the unemployed and those with young children.

-What to Expect-

Over 2 weeks we will explore the principles of movement and development that underlie our Ferus Animi // Terra Nova research methodology. It will involve:

  • A daily 'form' practice of mobilisations and activations to explore movement nourishment for health, athleticism, and longevity.

  • Mindfulness- and meditation- based practices to reflect upon our cognitive and embodied relationship with ourselves, in interaction with our environments.

  • Collaborative and combative partnering games, to locate and refine our problem solving blindspots.

  • Scientific theory around performance psychology, evolutionary physiology, behavioural neuroscience, and functional biomechanics, to ground our training in existing lines of enquiry and thought.

  • Physically challenging and mentally stimulating movement puzzles, designed to expose us to a daily dose of functional failure.

  • The cultivation of a rigorous and resourceful learning environment and a positive motivational climate, in which participants are invited to explore the training propositions in an optimal developmental manner, guided by both the research and our collective instincts.

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